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Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton is at the hub of the Fox Cities and its largest community. The history of the city mirrors that of Lawrence University as the two grew up simultaneously. Lawrence University was chartered in 1847 and a main benefactor was Samuel Appleton. In appreciation, his name was given to the community. Appleton’s downtown area, bolstered by the new Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, is a center for entertainment, recreation and diverse commercial and professional businesses.

Location: North of Lake Winnebago

Population: 71,649

Major attractions: Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, Fox Cities Children’s Museum, Houdini Museum, Lawrence University, College Avenue hotels, eating establishments and niche businesses.

Information: appleton.orgFox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Combined Locks, along the Fox River, is a quiet, picturesque community with a solid industrial base and residential development. The village has expanded south of County CE.

Location: Between Kimberly and Kaukauna south of the Fox River, Combined Locks is accessible off County Roads N, CE, Z, K and HH.

Population: 2,618.

Major attractions: Blaese Park, Lindberg Park, Memorial Park, Van Zeeland Park.

Information: Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Combined Locks
Combined Locks
Darboy, Wisconsin

This unincorporated area is the fastest-growing residential area in the Fox Cities. Situated in two municipalities (Village of Harrison and Town of Buchanan) and two counties (Outagamie and Calumet), growth depends on the Darboy Sanitary District. The commercial district is developing to serve the large residential population.

Location: East of Appleton and south of Kimberly, Combined Locks and Kaukauna around County Roads N, K and KK.

Population: Town of Buchanan, 6,725; Town of Harrison, 7,389, more than 7,500 of these people live in the Darboy Sanitary District.

Information: Town of Buchanan, Village of Harrison, Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Town of Freedom, Wisconsin

Freedom was established 150 years ago. The unincorporated area is a mixture of large farms and new housing development.

Location: North of Appleton, Little Chute and Kaukauna on State Highway 55 at County Roads E and S.

Population: 5,399.

Major attractions: VFW Park, Freedom High School, Citizen’s Park, Rickert ParkIrish Waters Golf Club.

Information: Town of Freedom, Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Town of Freedom
Town of Freedom
Village of Fox Crossing, Wisconsin

The Village of Fox Crossing, between Appleton and Menasha, is in the heart of several transportation corridors. It is an urban town with a diverse economy of retail, commercial, service and industrial businesses.

Location: West of Little Lake Butte des Morts, along Fox River, with access from State 441, U.S. 10 and County Road CB.

Population: 16,485

Major attractions: Tri-County Ice Arena, O’Hauser Park, Headquarters of Miron Construction Co., Inc.

Information: Village of Fox Crossing, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Village of Fox Crossing
Village of Fox Crossing
Grand Chute, Wisconsin

Grand Chute is an urban town that features the Fox River Mall, the second largest shopping mall in Wisconsin. In addition, it is the third most populous municipality in the Fox Cities. It also is the site of Fox Cities Stadium, home of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers baseball team.

Location: West and north of Appleton on U.S. 41

Population: 19,480

Major attractions: Fox River Mall and surrounding commercial areas, Fox Cities Stadium, Fox Valley Technical College.

Information: Grand Chute, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Grand Chute
Grand Chute
Greenville, Wisconsin

Rural farms in this town situated west and north of the Fox Cities are quickly being replaced by subdivisions, commercial development and industrial parks. It ranks as one of the fastest growing residential areas in the state.

Location: West and north of Appleton, State Highways 96 and 15 off U.S. 41, W. College Avenue.

Population: 7,527.

Major attractions: Appleton International Airport, Lions Park, Fox West YMCA, Greenville Community Park.

Information: Town of Greenville, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

The "Electric City" is one of Wisconsin’s oldest communities, settled in the late 1600s by trappers, merchants and missionaries traveling up the Fox River. Jean Nicolet made the trip up the Fox in search of a water passage to the Orient. The falls made Kaukauna a natural stop for travelers and later would be a boon to hydropower, which lends its name to the city.

Location: East end of the Fox Cities at U.S. 41 and State Highway 55.

Population: 13,688.

Major attractions: Charles Grignon Mansion, 1000 Islands Environmental Center, Wisconsin International Raceway, Doty Bayorgeon Recreational Area, Grignon Park.

Information: City of Kaukauna, Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Kimberly, Wisconsin

The Village of Kimberly, established in 1889, is the only land-locked municipality in the area. The Fox River prevents the village from expanding north, while Combined Locks and a border agreement keeps it from expanding south. It was named in honor of John A. Kimberly, a founder of the Kimberly Clark Company, which established a pulp and paper mill in the area.

Location: South of the Fox River and Little Chute and east of Appleton. Access on County Road N from U.S. 41 off County Road CE.

Population: 6,292.

Major attractions: Kimberly Amphitheater, Sunset Park, Sunset Beach Swimming Facility.

Information: Village of Kimberly, Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Little Chute, Wisconsin

Dutch heritage is proudly exhibited in Little Chute, which got its name from the French explorers who named it "La Petite Chute," or Little Falls. The Fox River forms a scenic backdrop for Little Chute, which continues to grow its economic base with commercial and industrial development. It is the area’s largest village.

Location: Outagamie County, County Road N south off U.S. 41, it stretches from Appleton to Kaukauna along State Highway 96 north, of the Fox River.

Population: 10,741.

Major attractions: Doyle Park and waterslide, Heesakker Park, Legion Park, Van Lieshout Park, Cheese Festival.

Information: Village of Little ChuteHeart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Little Chute
Little Chute
City of Menasha, Wisconsin

Menasha shares much of its history with Neenah as the other half of the Twin Cities. Historic photos and artifacts tell the history of the Fox River and the construction of the bridge in the Tayco Street Bridge Tower Museum at Tayco and Main streets.

Location: Northwest shore of Lake Winnebago. Several accesses off U.S. 41, also U.S. 10, and State Highways 47 and 114.

Population: 16,648

Major attractions: Heckrodt Wetland Reserve, Menasha Marina, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Fox Cities Campus.

Information: City of Menasha, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

City of Menasha
City of Menasha
City of Neenah, Wisconsin

Neenah was an early center of industry because of its location on Lake Winnebago and the Fox River, pioneering in milling grain and the lumber industry. The paper industry became a major part of the community, which has a diverse retail and professional business. ThedaCare Regional Medical Center is one of many institutions made possible through community-minded residents.

Location: West shore of Lake Winnebago, several accesses off U.S. 41.

Population: 25,058

Major attractions: Riverside Park, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, ThedaCare Regional Medical Center, Pickard Auditorium.

Information: City of Neenah, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

City of Neenah
City of Neenah
Town of Neenah, Wisconsin

The Town of Neenah retains much of its rural atmosphere as it has been able to manage urban sprawl so far. A boundary agreement with the City of Neenah will allow orderly development in the future.

Location: South and west of the City of Neenah.

Population: 2,686.

Major attractions: Mahler Park, County CB Trail.

Information: Town of Neenah, Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Town of Neenah
Town of Neenah
Sherwood, Wisconsin

The area’s newest village is growing rapidly because of its location on the shore of Lake Winnebago, High Cliff State Park, golf courses, and quiet, rural setting.

Location: State Highways 55 and 114, on the east shore of Lake Winnebago.

Population: 2,036.

Major attractions: High Cliff State Park, High Cliff Marina, High Cliff Golf and Event Center, Sherwood Forest Golf Club, hiking trail.

Information: Village of Sherwood, Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Wrightstown, Wisconsin

Location is the reason why this village in Outagamie and Brown counties is growing rapidly in population, commercial ventures, and industry. It is located along the Fox River, midway between Appleton and Green Bay.

Location: State Highway 96, three miles east of Kaukauna.

Population: 2,149.

Major attractions: Fox River, Royal Scot Golf Course.

Information: Village of Wrightstown, Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce.


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